Sunday, August 10, 2008

catch up

i thought i'd take a break this week and post a song instead.

i know this was released more than a year ago but i'm still playing catch up on filipino music. i heard this song on the radio and had a bad case of last song syndrome. after hours of surfing to find the song, here it is.

the title of the song is sabihin, the artist is zelle from their album search for warmth.



jericho said...

always better to have things said. nakakalokah ang manghula..;)

Gibo said...

now i remember where i heard this earth day concert sa morato early this year.

dazedblu* said...

nuh.. i love this song.

kiel said...

@ jericho - o naman, di naman tayo madame auring di ba?

@ gibo - sabi ko na nga ba talagang dapat pumunta ako sa earth day celeb na yan eh!

@ dazed blu - so do i! (obvious ba?)

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