Sunday, December 14, 2008

the beauty is in the detail

this post should be in a blog called "life as a slide-show"

i kept on dissing travelling and my work as if they’re the most painful thing imaginable.

to be fair, there is beauty in these travels. and i thought id share with you some:

most recently, in geneva - the 3 days was a full-on airport-hotel-meeting venue-hotel-airport affair. despite that in my 30 minutes in the airport i found these...

the smokers' lounge was lit by these floating orbs that exude soft yellow light

just in case the smokers feel too marginalised and decide to set the airport on fire, they made the fire alarm cute and non threatening

and they can ponder on their evil deeds while sitting in this bench

while of course, flicking their ashes in this ashtray.

i raved enough about the beijing airport, but let me show you just how i started being awed by it...

i drank in this fountain and as i brought my head up, i noticed the clean and crisp design. (which goes to show you'll never know what you will discover after bending over)

this made me think should there be posh garbage for this bin that can easily be functional art

and this toilet entrance made me feel like there's a ramp and i had to strut my way in.

in istanbul, the almost eight hours lay-over got me stuck in the business lounge of the modern airport. the lounge, however, attempts at highlighting east meets west design...

the lounge was lit by this chandelier.

for the most part, i watched tv. and my, they did try to make high tech blend in with old world charm

before leaving i went to pee and used these faucets to wash my hands.

in bishkek, i had time to go to the national park for 30 minutes and i found
painted rocks

a cafe bar signage

and a dilapidated seat in their national park

but i will be amiss if i fail to say that beauty can be found in (where else?) my own shoes!

my black kurt geiger lace-ups (featured here with my quirky socks).

and my personal favourite, camper suede ankle high boots topped by viktor cords

these shoes take me to these places, after all.

the pics are a sorry excuse, i know. but it reminds me that, despite the drudgery, there is so much beauty in the world.


Mr. Scheez said...

May pagka-shoe fetish si tatay. Pero maganda nga.

Loved the first pic. Relaxing ang light. Wait baka dahil makapal ang usok kaya mejo hazy ang dating. Hehehe =)

Oist, 'tay kapag punta ka Russia pede may pabili ako? *grins*

kawadjan said...

nalurkey ako sa geneva airport... smoking lounge pa lang yan ha. i lurve the bench most of all.

shana lang ganyan din ang airport sa manille no?


ang cute naman ng smoking area nila. nakakahiya magyosi. hahaha

kiel said...

@ scheez - next scheduled trip ko ay sa KL. no foreseeable trip to russia so far.

@ kawadjan - anufah? pero asa pa...

@ prosetitute - ako hindi nahiya. in-emote ko na lang na fazyun mudel ako while smoking...

Kiks said...

walkaroo sa airport talaga ang terminal princess.

jericho said...

sige na nga. from now on, every morning i'll look in the mirror and just say..."tama si Kiel". chika!

wanderingcommuter said...

you got style... matagal na... hahaha!

cute pix.

JP aka handyman said...

i love the boots... i'l soon see the ramp, este toilet in beijing..

Lionheart : Richard the Adventurer said...

Nice place....

Natuwa lang ako sa picture na mukhang kakaiba.


kiel said...

@ kiks - parang di ko feel ang title na terminal princess (na-unlikely because i'm a sucker for titles). para kasing may terminal illness...

@echo - ganun?! kala ko malilibugan ka sobra sa sarili mo tapos magbabate ka because you are so hot.

@commuter - thanks. you are not too shabby yourself.haha!

@handyman - inggit ako. strut for me in beijing.

@lionheart - they were nice airports, the place di ko masyado nakita. hahaha

ian said...

i love the geneva and beijing airports. the terminal 2 in shanghai pudong airport looks a little like that albeit not as stylo.

nice pics

Blogger 8508.0531 said...

Loving those lighted orbs.

Looking For The Source said...

merry christmas!


god bless!

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