Friday, December 26, 2008

my blogroll heroes 2008

i just bought the second volume of the graphic novel version of heroes. inspired, i thought it would be my theme for my year-end post.

as a personal blog, navel gazing has been a guilty pleasure, albeit necessary to live up to ‘life as a write- up’. unless i take a picture of my insides, and analyse each part till kingdom come, i probably wouldn’t be able to out-bare myself in a post more than i have already done.

while i offer no apologies for my blog’s self-centredness, i decided something different for the year-end post is called for.

so i end the year by paying homage to some of my own personal best bloggers. this is how their blog contributed in making 2008 a year of restoring my faith in the human spirit. in 2008, for me: this is how they manifested their powers:

1. the idealist: boying meets tao

while many make snide remarks about how blogger EB is a thinly-veiled form of internet dating, i have never met anybody as resolute and positive about it as boying. as a person who had the uncertain honour of being the first blogger to meet with boying, i have to admit that i had my doubts. but he surprised me by being, well, a really nice guy. lately, i noticed his post has started to leave the usual happy space it inhabits. i don’t know the reason and probably have not been as good as a blog friend i hoped i could be. still, it was boying who made me believe bloggers are good people. it may be a jungle out there, but i hope somehow this nice guy won’t let the bad things get him down. because he made this blogger a little less cynical.

2. the survivor: mandaya-kulot break-up

mugen had it. fiona had it. gibo had it. even i had it twice (temporarily). but no break-up has shaken the gay blogosphere as the mandaya-kulot break-up. i think i am not alone in saying that mandaya has succeeded not only in making us a part of their relationship through his blog (let’s face it, we were all a little in love with kulot) but in the austere beauty of his language made us feel the heartbreak of giving-up on someone you love. and yet, after such pain, mandaya is back with boys all around (some of them even having parts of their anatomy likened to bread!) mandaya is a testament that you can't put a good faggot down for long.

3. the mischievous: lyka’s & LTE’s titi-llating tattle

i have never seen a blog where cattiness is celebrated as much as LTE. as a fan of lyka and the star coven, my position that to be nice all the time is not good is embodied and given a gay flamboyant flair. and while bitching is the rule in this site, there is warmth, friendship and solidarity that shines through. here’s to lyka and LTE and may their blog be as colourful as their award is erect.

4. the traveller: gibo’s lens and hasty exit

gibo has taken us with him in many of his travels. in many occasions his camera lenses made us see the world in a way that was at once heart-wrenching and sublimely uplifting. but where is gibo? i have been sworn to secrecy not to reveal. much like how he treats his journeys, gibo has moved his blog with minimum fuss and made for a clean break. gibo has taught me 2 things with his blog: (1) that you can always start again and (2) you can find beauty amid misery. godspeed in your travels, my dear friend.

5. the heart-warmer: mel’s divorce

after baffling us with an infatuation with some TV personality meriting a place after her hyphen, mel changed atienza to pattinson succumbing to the charms of an actor playing a blood sucker. this must be the most light-hearted divorce ever. but this is what i love about mel, his blog just make me want to sing ‘my favourite things’ and ask everybody to sing with me. mel’s blog means to me: it’s never that serious. and seriously, each of his post never failed to make me smile.

6. the beautiful: luis’ photoshoot

braving the danger of spiteful comments, luis’ posted a series of nudes portraits of himself. he gave the hyper-masculine, obsessive calorie-counting, muscle mass fixated gay culture a dirty finger. fuck body politics. it was beautiful. luis is beautiful. and in the great words of tyra, here is your best shot...

7. the teller of tales: id’s goddesses and monsters

as the most mysterious blogger in my blogroll, id has got me enraptured with his/her stories of goddesses and monsters. so i say, there maybe times when life sucks, but that’s always material for a good story.

8. the activist: jericho’s militant heart

i counted 29 or so political posts in 2008 alone. that makes for more than 2 posts per month. what’s more admirable is he has made people’s issues real to his readers, engaged them and many times won them over in his discourse. i’d like to think that i am still an activist but jericho – he has set the bar for blog activism high. it’s not just what he writes, it’s what he does. it’s who he is. and to me, this is his message – you can carry the torch longer, higher and in more ways than you think you can.

9. the compassionate: kik’s disclosure

i was just starting to blog when kiks disclosed his HIV status in june. he did this in a post that spoke about the plight of M, an activist who was having difficulties accessing adequate health services in the Philippines after being taken ill and diagnosed with HIV. kik’s outing himself for M was such a moving gesture that it made me think, this blogging – it’s not all garbage and self-serving mental wanking with your computer – it can be an expression of our shared humanity.

10. the fabulous: kawadjan’s faggotry

lastly, and definitely not the least is kawadjan and his poses in the most surprising and quirky places. for levity, (as this post turned out to be longer than i intended) this is what the princess from ban-cock taught me: even a sewerage pipe can be a site for fabulous faggotry.

to each of you, from one blogger to another:

thank you.

and as cheesy as it may sound, to borrow a question from the divine miss midler...

did i ever tell you you're my hero?


Luis Batchoy said...

to be honored and to be one among the stellar bloggers in this list is an affirmation to the existence of my humble stew serving little nook. Thank you ever so much kiel...

Kiks said...

thank you. this is very humbling.

a year ahead to one who needs no lab series but expressed the need for heroes.

thank you, india.

kiel said...

@ luis - you are too kind. thank you's all around.

@ kiks - in the face of the financial crisis, heroes are one vice that don't come with a stiff price tag. haha.

Anonymous said...

ay ... thanks kiel. merry christmas beks. at happy new year na rin. ;)

- jericho -

kawadjan said...

thanks, kiel.
now leap and pout midair.
happy new year!

mel beckham said...


i'm very honored to be in this list.

thanks so much ate kiel. hihihi


MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...


ewan ko ba bakit ang ibang bading dyan inlove pa rin kay kulot. paano ako makakamove-on nyan e ang iba dyan stuck with him pa rin?


salamat uli

id said...

kiel: i stand by what i think is your ever truly greatest power. i just hope it wasn't the reason why i am so charmed by you. happy new year, yes; but please... don't let it be reason enough for you to change [into a monster, nyahaha]

kiel said...

@ echo - ganun? walang i labs u?

@ kawadjan - i'm leaping! and pouting!

@ mel - ate talaga?

@ mandaya - mag-maldita ba? forgive the becks na. ikaw naman ang nag-describe kay kulot kaya napamahal sya sa mga tao eh...

@ id - isn't it a little too late? hahaha

mrs.j said...

happy new year friend been awhile..

hoping for more stories! :P

Mr. Scheez said...

I hope boying is okay.

Nobe said...

hmmm. let me check out these blogs..


kiel said...

@ mrs. j - yes, it's been awhile. sana meet tayo soon. i have a story na in the works. maybe next week.

@ mr. scheez - txt ko pagbalik nya sa manila. inom tayo nila boying, para maurirat natin, gusto mo?

@ nobe - you should. and i'm touched by the 'love,'. so much. chos.

Mr. Scheez said...

Sige meet tayo, pero di ako iinom itay, ha? I don't drink eh. OJ lang. Hehehe =)

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