Sunday, April 12, 2009

a dream in april

i once had a relationship with a writer. while the passion was mediocre, we wrote well together. here's an english translation of a filipino renga we wrote while we were still figuring out what we were to each other. thought i'd share it before april ends...

the rain is just in our imagination
in dreams, you embrace the sun
until we both wake up drenched in sweat
consumed by unbearable heat and thirst

many summer have passed with this curse
cheated by time
mocked by consciousness
in the burning asphalt of midday

will i have nightmares
of melancholic sunsets
if i betray
the traitorous seasons?

still, i will close my eyes
and lay in the clouds
of famine in harvest time

because even if we missed the rain
even if we did not dance
under the first shower in april
we will fly to the skies
and not wait to be awaken again


line of flight said...

totally captures the heart of youth. beautiful.

Luis Batchoy said...

I'd like to know which parts of the rengga are yours.

The Zen Bitch said...

same question as luis ako...

kiel estrella said...

@ line - thanks - i know - i was so young then...

@ luis & zen - mahirap identify dahil sa dubious translation ko eh. i post ko yung original sa tagalog and then i will tell you which parts are mine.

line of flight said...


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