Sunday, October 25, 2009

vanity flair 2

i have been trying to revive my blogdrive (drive to update my blog, that is).

unfortunately, i always seem to be behind with work that all i can do when i get home is watch a movie (to clear my mind), drink (to manage my stress) or worse, work some more.

at any rate i decided i would update my blog by posting pics of myself (i'm not vain, really - i'm not) in stockholm where i am at the moment. that way i don't really have to think about what i am going to say.

after dinner & drinks at the theater

freezing my ass off in front of the royal palace

strutting my stuff in front of the stockholm international fairs and congress center, in the hope that the hot janitor would notice me (he didn't).

and finally, channeling my inner model by sitting on scandinavian furniture (realising too late that i cannot out stage those fixtures) at the swedish international development office

if you want to see pictures of stockholm without my eager mug blocking the way, scroll down and wait for the slide show to load.

but hey, winter came early in sweden. it so happened i cannot stay in the nordic countries for an extended period of time because the wet, drab and grey weather gets to me. so if this post blows, blame it on climate change.


line of flight said...

i'm sorry but i will never find those kinds of furnitures comfortable -- ever. i'm glad you found a little time/drive for us.

Boying Opaw said...

kiel! it has been very long.

nasa Sweden ka pala. alam ko na ano pwede mo ipasalubong sa akin dahil andyan ka. since may kopya na ako ng Reason 4 ng Propellerhead, Record na lang. hahaha. loko lang.

tama ka, indi kelangan words lahat sa blog. kaya maglagay ka rin pichurs. tulad dito sa crisis. hahaha. nag plug pa, no?

so kelan tayo magkikita nyan ulit?

Boying Opaw

kawadjan said...

Ganda! Pero baket walanag jumping shot, aber? :-)

Mr. Scheez said...

Ang totyal! Mishu itay!

Pasalubong, ha?

At isama nyo naman ako sa mitup nyo ni Boying. Madaya kayo eh, kayu kayo lang. Hehehe =D

john stanley said...

it's nice in sweden, no? i was there a year ago but only get to visit malmoe. it was autumn then and it's very very very cold.

kiel estrella said...

@ lof - i think they were nit meant to be comfortable, really. ok na yun - basta pretty.

@ boying - balik ako oct 31. nawala celfone ko. ang bago kong number eh 090888445675. txt mo ako sa 31?

@ kawadjan - i decided i will not do a jumping shot until DP kiel becomes a reality. mwahahaha.

@ scheez - txt mo rin ako. kta ttayo nila boying.

@ john - ok lang namn yung cold sa akin. yung grey drab damp everywhere ang medto dreary.

Boying Opaw said...

Dear Mr. Kiel,

tingnan mo ang binigay mo sa amin na number. 12 digits! pero pag nabigay mo na ang tama na number text ka namin. hee hee.

Excited (sa pasalubong...joke),
Boying Opaw

kiel estrella said...

@ boying - ooops! tanggalin mo lang ang isang 4.

[G] said...


mel beckham said...

ate kiel,

i was expecting a jumping shot. hahaha

glad too see a new post from you.
take care.

jericho said...

promo sa cop15? haha. hindi ka na nilapitan ng janitor. sige, tetx ko sya. :D

cherry said...

well, what can i say, but you're lookin' good. so what if you're a little vain? ha ha

kiel estrella said...

@ g - talaga?! even sans the jumping shot?

@ mel - i'm sticking to my guns. no jumping shot until DP kiel. mwahahaha

@ echo - kurek. ang sharp talaga ng lola ko.

@ chers - i know! mwahahaha.

Boying Opaw said...

Kiel! Nagtitext ako sa iyo. Mali ata number. Haha. Anyway, may number ako sa blog ko. Dun banda sa "Contact". Hehehe. Antay ko na lang text mo. LOL.

Naghihintay (LOL),
Boying Opaw

Carl said...

hi. just visited your blog. i find it quite perky and interesting.

by the way, what gay lit stuff have you collected so far? maybe sometime we can borrow each other's books? ^_^

i don't have much anyway. hehe. but some i have are good. i'm planning my MA thesis to be abt contemporary gay lit but i still do not have a suitable framework. but of course, that's an overshare. haha. what i was meaning to say was, other materials may change my notion of "gay lit" and its contemporariness. that's it.

anyhow, i am adding you to my blog list and i hope to go over your blog again soon. tc.

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