Monday, September 13, 2010

God (heart) Manila

i walked from gym to home, last night.

energised by the tantric contortions of a late night yoga class, with frozen creamy drink in hand, i walked the busy streets of timog-tomas morato, reciting little poems to myself, singing little ditties, allowing headlights to provide passing spotlight to my singular performance.

i drink in the life of the street.

my poetic show was interrupted intermittently and i pause, without annoyance:

taxis slow down and honk reluctantly like a prospect to a whore; like mr. right or the hottest trick – always there when you don’t want them, nowhere in sight when you’re just wanting to be taken for a ride.

kids in skateboards try out new feats, unaware of the perilous boozy traffic, causing it even. only aware of each others’ ones-up-manship, congratulating and insulting each other in turn.

peddy cab drivers whistle and offer a ride with a smile, like their offers were more than something that involves their legs, almost hinting on an equally sweaty proposition.

my fake dvd dealer waved at me from a distance. running up to me to pitch a convincing spiel that the latest action movie of action stars from a bygone era is fantastic and actually not the shit that it is. i declined with a smile.

a child with flower leis walks up to tell me her sad story, wanting me to buy for a car i don’t own or an icon of a god i don’t believe in. for school, she says. i offered her my drink, she takes it and walks away.

i resume my act whenever i can. the sounds of the street providing accompaniment. cacophonic, discordant, oddly synchronized.

i am one with the life of the street.

and for several moments i can forget that i have to wake up in the morning to earn my keep, that while i am burdened by work – too many in this country can’t find one, that our swat teams don’t have bullet proof vests, that ‘major-major’ has found its way to popular lexicon to an irritating extent, that i am fighting the ills of society to which i am both victim and perpetrator.

i get sad then took comfort in my mother’s faith that i was created in His likeness. and since i love this city, this metropolis, this country – maybe He does, too.


ןıuǝ oɟ ɟןıƃɥʇ said...

'when in doubt, zoom out' -hh xiv dalai lama

Lyka Bergen said...

Parang iiyak ako sa post na to. Ewan kung bakit. Baka na miss ko lang ng sobra ang Pinas. Pls lang!

kiel estrella said...

@ lof - i think i zoomed in, actually.

@ lyka - either that, o delayed reaction sa pagkatalo ni venus sa ms. u.

id said...

rendahan ang yoga hehehe.

but i fully agree- there is much to be thankful for despite all the major major crises.

there is nothing like the streets of kyusi. here you still have enough room to breathe. here you know where home is (or do you now?)

kiel estrella said...

@ id - my co-kyusi lover. i have the answere to your question. i wrote it down somewhere. i just got to find it.

jericho said...

... and you all got this from a walk? dude, you think too much while walking ... charot!

kiel estrella said...

@ echo - 2 things i like, thinking & f****ng. since i can't do the latter when i walk, i do the former. tse!

Manech said...

"reciting little poems to myself"

Care to share these poems? :D

Fickle Cattle said...

I do that too sometimes. I love Manila.

I am Fickle Cattle.

kiel estrella said...

@ manech - when they're ready. i can be bashful, too. haha.

@ fickle - good to know! thanks for dropping by.

VICTOR said...

Badtrip nga ang minsan na lang magpapoetic habang naglalakad ng gabi, may distractions pa. LOL.

kiel estrella said...

@ victor - nakakadagdag yung distactions sa poetry of the moment. hah!

thanks for dropping by

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