Saturday, July 26, 2008

claiming ever after

cindi-fucking-rella!’, exclaimed laura san giacomo playing kit de luca in pretty woman. we all laughed because we understood. when asked who we know gets his or her happy ending, it seems profanity is not only called for, it’s hilarious.

lately, i have given this issue much thought. not only because i realised i have found the one i’d want to share ever after with. ironically, because there were numerous occasions in recent past i felt i have lost him.

so boo-fucking-hoo, poor little old me. right? (i don’t know about you but not having my happy ending, rather than just questioning who has, is a better excuse for vulgarity.) you’re probably thinking, we all go through the up’s and down’s of relationships. what can i possibly add to the discussion that sappy love songs we tirelessly sing in karaoke’s have not overdone and turned into cliché?

frankly, nothing.

except that it’s mine. and since i’m the one feeling the blues everyone else is excluded. it’s extremely isolating. and against reason, i feel like i’ve been broken like no other person has been broken before.

when considering my latest relationship angst, my friend g in his unique brand of wisdom told me, ‘snowhite had to swallow a poisoned apple and die. ariel had to lose her voice. fiona had to turn into an ogre. all these for a happy ending. even in fairy tales, they did some hard work. who do you think you are that you expect real life should be any easier?’

for the butch men who can’t relate, let me translate my friend’s astuteness. snowhite’s prince had to accept that his beloved was cohabitating with seven cute little men before him. prince eric almost married the sea witch. shrek had to fight a dragon. but perhaps closer to real life, belle’s prince had to turn into a beast before finding his humanity. clearly, no matter what side of the gender fence you relate to, the road to happiness is paved in hell.

last night my friend id reminded me of desiderata. you know, strive to be happy. in our unspoken agreement, it was clear that what desiderata did not explain is that ‘striving’ is actually going through the sham, drudgery and broken dreams.

despite all these, here i am again. hoping that somehow things will turn out right.

don’t get me wrong. i know that richard gere will never climb up my fire exit (especially when the house i live in doesn’t have one) with his umbrella and a bunch of flowers, pledging his love. but it doesn’t have to be richard gere. i never really found him all that attractive. after all, i’m not a prostitute who looks like julia roberts (despite my intermittent, not-so-secret wish to be so). still, i’ve always believed that if i believe, someday i’ll have my fairy tale.

and like my heartache, this faith in happy endings is mine.

quick, give me that poison apple.


Gibo said...

we create our happy endings, with or without prince eric.

don't worry, i will bring you a crate of apples, laced with endosulfan.

id said...

enjoyed this post so much. it's so you speaking!

dump the apples. whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

let ur misery bring out the writer in you- bwahahahaha....

jericho said...

wala namang ending na happy. and don't worry, all your tales are fairy tales ...;)

kiel said...

@ gibo - gaya ng nasabi ko na, kaya wala kang karelasyon.. may plugging pa ng pan campaign. hmp!

@ id - desiderata pa rin yang 'universe is unfolding...' o alchemist na?

@ jericho - di ako fairy. sirena ako katulad ng aso ni gibo! ikaw talaga dati sweet ka. ngayon daotera ka na. tse!

twinkle araney said...

hahaha... kasi nga u have to find your true love's kisss.... anu kaba!!!? i told na divah... gusto mu ng fairy tale? do wat u nid to do to achv it! and kung anu man ang mangyari sa ending ikaw pa rin ang author ng buhay at lovestori mu, pwedeng hanapan na lang ng ibang angulo para hapi ending pa rin... huh! hahaha

dazedblu* said...

Oh Disney series? Nice blog here.

kiel said...

@ twinkle - kaya nga kinanarir ko na eh. pero trip ko yung last point mo. tipong happy ending is in the eye of the beholder.

@ dazedbu - yup, i'm an apologetic disney fan. thanks for visiting my blog!

Reyville of Simply Manila said...

Though I can only relate to Shrek, I find this entry a good read. Keep blogging and THANKS for dropping by. :)

Luis Batchoy said...

ayos lang yun... idagdag mo si mulan...kinailangan nya munag mag paka butch bago nya na isploket si commander...hehehehe,,,keep bleeding sabi ng kanta

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